Blackwork fills – playing with color

ONE blackwork design РONE thread palette РTWELVE colors РTWELVE combinations… Creativity in needlework abounds!

Now that I’ve covered 12 color harmonies, and have begun introducing thread palettes, you – the stitcher – has everything they need to begin having fun in color. The image above highlights 12 examples of how the SAME fill can be stitched – WOW! Even if you only have 1 fill to play with, think of all the variety you have in stitching it!

In case you missed them, below find links to each of the posts about the color harmonies. Continue to keep your eyes out for new thread palettes introduced every week! Save your favorites, and you’ll never have problems figuring out what threads or color again!

I’d love to hear from you, and to see all the creative things you begin doing! Share on our Facebook page, or on Instagram with the hashtag #sisthreadplay!

Where do you see playing with color in fabric and thread taking your next project?

Happy stitchin’!
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