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The heart of Stitchin’spiration is truly its designs. They’ve come to life through Sally’s imagination, but they do have a life of their own! Here you’ll find needlework designs, but also notecards and coloring books which have been born in the designs process. Take a peek into what inspires Sally, you never know what you’re going to find.

These patterns are being released with full color charts, and beautiful models on the covers. More patterns are already in the wings waiting to come to life! You can get either a PDF download, or a hardcopy version.

Please support your local needlework shop by ordering our designs through them when you have an opportunity. Thanks to them we can learn more about our art as well as purchasing and enjoying the toys and tools that helps to keep us stitching.

However, we do sell our designs directly to you, so feel free to continue shopping!
Of course if your local needlework shop does not carry Stitchin’spiration needlework or notecard designs, then print out our LISTING OF DESIGNS and pass it along to them.

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