Coloring book pages based off of needlework designs, blackwork fill samplers, kaleidoscope images, knotwork, and all kinds of other things.

So, what am I going to do with all those blackwork fills?  Some wouldn’t work in a stitched design, some are a larger repeat than is available, some – well – I just can’t figure out.

Doodlin’ to De-Stress gives these fills somewhere to go, and somehow to live!  Just grab one, and stitch to your heart’s content – virtually.  Want to play around with color?  They’re made to do that!

These books take 2 forms – soft cover (through Amazon), and downloadable (through this website).  Purchase the soft cover book, and throw it in your bag for coloring on the go.  Want to have ready access, and choose when you want to color that picture 4 times – purchase the downloadable version – and copy to your hearts content!

More books are planned, so keep an eye out for them.  Be sure to comment on Amazon, and also share it with our friends!

For a full listing of all our needlework designs, notecards, and coloring books, print out our CATALOG OF DESIGNS.

Want to see our designs in needlework shops, share the catalog with them, and we’ll work with them directly.

Enjoy shopping, and I hope you find something that inspires you!

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