Playing with Color?  Saxon Bloom + SCT019

One of my favorite things to do is to try out different color schemes on different designs. The possibilities are endless, so… let’s get playing!

Playing with the Saxon Bloom and SCT019

Saxon Bloom: This design is one I’ve had on my board for several years. Part of the reason why? I couldn’t decide on the color. So, here you go!

SCT019: Spring daffodils are some of my favorites!

My Simply Color series gives you, the stitcher, an easy way to play with color! The 12-color thread schemes, in the form of the color wheel, makes an easy way for you to get to look at many options. The color harmonies give you some organization to looking at the threads, and gives you a place to start. These posts look at original Stitchin’spiration designs differently, and let you see how changing color changes your needlework!

To the left, are just a few options of color combinations, but don’t stop there! Find a thread palette you like, and begin to play with color. Click on the images, and print out some options if you wish. Below you’ll find the links to the products in our shop, as well to the thread palette and color harmonies.

I hope you have as much fun playing around with color, and be sure to post images on Instagram – #stitchinspiration and #sissimplycolor!

How do you want to play with color? Does this inspire you?

Happy stitchin’!
Thread Scheme - SCT019-3A Spring Daffodils
Thread Scheme - SCT019-3A Spring Daffodils
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