GB-2201: Needlework Grab Bag - 4 Best Designs to Stitch in January

4 Best Designs to Stitch in January

Best Designs to stitch in January! Start the New Year with some fun blackwork designs!

Get ready for Valentine’s Day, begin a fun knotwork sampler, try to find yourself amongst a maze, and stitch a little sampler! Whatever you decide to do, it’s bound to be fun!

Stop in to stitch this months grab bag!

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Stitch this lovely heart to celebrate LOVE and Valentine’s Day!

Continue the love when you stitch this knotwork sampler, calling out Faith, Hope, and Love! This is a pretty sampler to celebrate a wedding or anniversary as well.


Stitch along this blackwork maze, and see if you can find the path out of it!


This lovely little Needlework Building Blocks piece is very simple, but get a variegated thread, and play around with how you stitch it. You’ll find there are multiple options with playing with the thread.


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