GB-2202: Needlework Grab Bag - 4 Best Designs to Stitch in February

4 Best Designs to Stitch in February

Flexibility is what this month’s collection is all about! Three of the four designs showcase multiple options for stitching – so let your creativity flow!

You start with the Shamrock Sampler – ready for the luck of the Irish! But with Round Trip, Garden Sampler #1, and Alphabet Sampler – have fun with deciding what to stitch!

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Stop in and stitch yourself this lucky shamrock – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! What a fun stitch!

Get yourself lost in this wonderful maze! But don’t worry, your stitching always ends up taking you back to where you began! Based on my Simply Color thread series, you can make this project your own by using ANY of the thread palettes for continuous color!

Stitch your own quilt sampler, or even your own quilt blocks. In this design you get a quilt sampler, as long as a single block border. And again, be flexible with your threads and fabric. This is one design – or series of designs – that you could stitch many ways!

Again, what a flexible design this will be! Stitch the sampler as I’ve charted it, as a lovely sampler. Or, use these blocks separately, or together in lots of ways – for bookmarks and such. Beautiful!!!


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