Thread Scheme - SCT004 Bethany Beach

Thread Scheme – SCT004 Bethany Beach

Thread Scheme - SCT004 Bethany Beach

Here’s where we get interesting! Have a picture that you love the colors in it?  Love something about how the colors work? Well, just start with those colors, and see where it takes you!

This photo was taken early one morning watching the sun rise. It takes me back to the moment of quiet – just me on the beach. I smell the salt air, feel the sane between the toes, just sitting there listening to the sea gulls start to come alive! I wanted to capture this in thread, so here it is!

These color schemes aren’t the RYB or RGB varieties – but what an interesting way to play in color! We’ll be breaking down the color schemes throughout the Simply Color series, but here’s a beginning. Won’t it be interesting to see how color develops?

For each of these thread scheme, or palettes, , I’ll include both an image showing how it was built (to the left), and a thread color schemes, with actual thread numbers, that you can print out. Feel free to save these cards, because you never know when you’ll need them.

Keep your eye out for more color schemes coming in the Simply Color series!

What part of color inspires you?

Happy stitchin’!
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