Reintroducing the Designs

Well, as I get into the task of bringing Stitchin’spiration to life, I wanted to look through all the various designs before I listed them for sale.  I needed to get some things updated on the charts, and also I wanted to get them ready for you to download and stitch.

This started a process which, I have to confess, became one which I really personally enjoyed.  Visiting back through all these designs has really been fun, and I thought you’d enjoy some of the stories and such which went along with the design of the pieces.  Stories of the designs all came back to me, and it’s really getting to juices flowing.   It’s just a bit of extra inspiration that I thought you guys would enjoy.  Plus, if you’re new to Stitchin’spiration, it will inspire you to try new things.

I’ll be slowly re-introducing all my designs, as I work through getting them listed in our Shop.   You can find all my updates in Design Introductions.

When you look back and review things, what do you find that inspires you?

Happy stitchin’!
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