More reintroductions – mazes, garden, and knotwork

This week I’m really excited to have brought back to life some favorites from the past:

A-Maze-ments Series: A series of mazes, so you can “get lost” in them. These are the first 4 designs I’ve offered, but this is a series which will have some new designs added to it. Lots more to explore!

Garden Party: One of my favorites, now pulled together into a combined series. Now, you just need to purchase 1 chart, and get all 16 gardens, along with 4 borders!

Mini Knotwork Samplers: I’ve added the smaller knotwork sampler designs, and what fun little stitches they are!

I hope you’re enjoying seeing these as much as I am!

What designs are you thinking about?

Happy stitchin’!
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