BS-1101: Brandon

Garden Traditions – Brandon

Wow, this design was the first one released in 2004, and truthfully, it’s my favorite!

Not only was this my first “baby”, put out to the world to see, but, it also is the source of my logo as well.  Then add to it that it historically is one of my best sellers, and evidently is one of your favorite also.

The inspiration for this design is one my favorite gardens here in Virginia.  Wandering through the garden “rooms”, I forget where I am, and get transported back to another time.

Stitched in a gorgeous Caron Waterlilies thread, the variegated thread comes alive! However, choose your own thread, or even use different threads,  and watch it come to life.

Stop in and check out Brandon, as well as the rest of the Garden Traditions series!

Do you have a favorite place which inspires you?

Happy stitchin’!

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BS-1101: Brandon
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