For me, there’s nothing like color to get my creative juices flowing. It always has.

I grew up in a church filled with gorgeous stained glass windows surrounding you. They are filled with all kinds of color and form, and told of all the stories of the Bible, and were filled with Christian symbolism. Depending on the time of day, the type of weather outside, and the lighting inside – the colors in those windows ebbed and flowed – changing as I watched. It was almost like they were moving some days – if the clouds above were blowing by.

I really believe that it’s because of those windows that I started playing around with color and form, ultimately leading to Stitchin’spiration coming alive. My mother is a crafty woman, so she taught me things to keep my hands busy, and ways to make those projects all mine. She taught me that it’s OK to change the colors from what the designer intended. It’s OK to combine motifs from various charts into a single piece. It’s OK to try out something different – just to see how it looks.

That front window in church has been something that I’ve played with over the years. Numerous times I’ve worked on translating it to needlework. I’ve charted it in multiple scales, and in various forms. But, there’s one thing that I always struggle finishing – the color. I’ve yet found what I consider the correct coloration for it – so there it sits in my design bin – still waiting on me.

But, I’m extremely excited to say that some pieces inspired by those windows are getting ready to be released – in blackwork. I’ve completed my sample piece, and just love how the color is jumping off the black fabric.

Also, all this playing with color has set the stage for an ongoing series of posts here on Inspired Stitches – Simply Color – that will cover all things color. We’re not only going to cover the basics of color theory, but more importantly we’re going to talk about how different colors and color combinations can help you make your needlework come alive! I love playing with color, and hope you’ll join me as we dive into the world of hues and tints, and see what creativity comes from it.

How much do you enjoy playing around with color in your needlework?<

Happy stitchin’!
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