ABC-0663 DN: Christmas Tree A-Waitin'

Christmas Tree A-Waitin’

Well, this is another design in the A Blackwork Christmas series, and it’s another beauty!

Actually, I’m going to tell on myself a little bit.  This design was introduced at the same time as the Christmas Crazy Wreath design.  When designs are introduced, my husband and I talk about how we think the designs are going to do.  Are they going to be best sellers?  Is it just a design that might get a couple of purchases?  Is it going to flop?  One never knows how the design will do, and over time it changes.  Well, the discussion became heated with these 2 designs.  I was certain the Christmas Crazy Wreath was going win.  He was a big fan of Christmas Tree A-Waitin’.  We thought so strongly about it, we put a bet on it!  Well, as you might imagine – he was correct!  Let me say that again – he was correct!  Now, it wasn’t by much and both designs do well, but something called people more to the tree than the wreath.

Again, it’s charted showing Kreinik braid and Kreinik Silk Mori, but go ahead and go through your stash and use what you have.  Also, it you want to decorate this tree more, use beads, jewels, and any other type of decoration.  Have fun with it, it’s meant for you make it yours!

Will you make this a Christmas tree?  Or will you leave it plain – and just use the thread?

Happy stitchin’!

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