GB-2105: Needlework Grab Bag - 4 Best Designs to Stitch in November

4 Best Designs to Stitch in November

This month, most stitching is for gifts and decorating you’ll want to do around with Christmas holidays!

Tree Sampler, part of the A Year of Blackwork series of designs, can either be for a love one, or stitch it for yourself to enjoy. Both Christmas Tokens 1 and Holly Jar Lids are both perfect for quick seasonal gifts. And Sisters Choice – with the grab bag bonus – make this design for either! It’s your choice!

Stop in to stitch this months grab bag!

BONUS: Play around with Sisters Choice – new borders, different color options, and different configurations! Come up with endless options with this month’s bonus!

Click HERE to purchase the collection!

In November, it’s time to begin stitching for Christmas!  A perfect time to stitch the Tree Sampler design from the A Year of Blackwork series!

It’s time to stitch your ornament or quick gifts that you can give to others. Christmas Tokens 1 are a series of designs originally designed for stitching cards, but you can easily stitch them up on either perforated paper, or fabric just a easily!


Stitch these little wreaths. They’re shown as jar toppers, but just as easily stitch them up as quick personalized ornaments!

Take this beautiful quilt block, changing the colors – and come up with a nice gift. Or, by using the suggestions found in the bonus, come up with endless versions!

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