Jim and Sally at the 2006 Kentucky DerbyEver since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed all kinds of needle arts. I’ve not only stitched to my heart’s content – but designed my own pieces as well. No pattern was sacred – as I’d make a little change here, another change there – always putting my own touch on the pieces I created.

Then, came the midnight dreams of projects yet to be seen. The graph paper would come out, and a vision would come to life! Only I would see these works – put away in a notebook for just that special occasion.

Fast forward to today… all of a sudden those patterns wanted to come back to life – for many to see. I’m now pursuing what I’ve found to be a hidden dream of mine – to design needlework for others to enjoy.

Welcome to Stitchin’spiration! I hope that you find something here which inspires you, and that you can help these designs come to life.

These patterns want to travel!!!

Happy stitchin’!

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