Vacation Catch-up

Well, as you probably guessed, we did get back in one piece from vacation. Well, at least most of my body did… Last day we were in Memphis, I decided it had been too long since I turned my ankle, so I stepped off the curb, and proceeded to twist the heck out of my foot. Boy, it hurt! Anyways, a week later, I’m still wearing an ankle brace, and am still dealing with the pain. Having had weak ankles since my middle school days, it’s not too unusual for me, but just isn’t very much fun.

Got rumbleseat?Therefore, this week between that and the “gremlins” working on the web server, I haven’t been in the mood to blog. Sorry about that!

I finally have been able to get the camera hooked up to share a couple of quick pictures with you from vacation. Almost as soon as we got to our in-laws house, my father-in-law pulled out his Model A, and took our friends for a ride. Here’s the proof:

How cool is that little car! He hadn’t had it running for many months, so as the smile on his face tells you, he’s having a good time also!

Then, the “Graceland trip“. Now, I do like Elvis, and his music, but… A trip to Graceland is definitely like a trip to Mecca for TRUE Elvis fans. Everything Elvis – all the time… This was my 3rd trip to that hallowed ground, and boy – what can I say. Heading out, I told Joan that my fun in the trip (since I’ve only seen the place 3 times now) was making sure that we had a picture of her in EVERY SINGLE ROOM of Graceland, so that she can prove she’d been there. It actually was quite entJoan dreaming over shagertaining to me, as I wasn’t looking at each room, I was scoping for the next shot. We did it. I have an SD card FULL of her tour, and look forward to getting them all printed out for her. Need proof?????? Here she is taking interior design notes in the Jungle Room, so that she can go home and shag carpet the floors, walls, and ceilings of her own house…

Good news for me is that they’ve actually added a new room since I was last there, so I got to ogle the lovely couch / bed / white-long shaggy-with some sort of a canopy thing from his dressing room, and got to see the duds he and Priscilla wore when they got married. At least I saw something new! Thank ya – Thank-ya-very-much…..

Well, I’d better run along. More updates tomorrow…

Happy stitchin’!

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