Discovering the Color Wheel

So in those spare moments that you’re sitting around thinking about color and color theory (which for a color geek like myself may be more often than I care to admit), what comes to your mind? Why a color wheel, of course! Really, what is a color wheel, and why do we like to put […]

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Color – Color – Color…

For me, there’s nothing like color to get my creative juices flowing.  It always has. I grew up in a church filled with gorgeous stained glass windows surrounding you.  They are filled with all kinds of color and form, and told of all the stories of the Bible, and were filled with Christian symbolism.  Depending […]

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2013… A year of rebirth

Greetings from the colorful world of blackwork! I am pleased to announce that after several years of inactivity, Stitch’inspiration will be coming alive again! Where have I been? Well, life happened, and had to take priority. In the background I’ve been continuing to design and be creative, but the business end of things just did […]

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Hacker attack…

Boy, thanks to some lovely hacker, I’m spending the last day of 2008 having to redo the ENTIRE website. I’m working on it, and will get it running as soon as I can.  The blog is the easy piece, so that will be the first you see.  The rest of the website will follow during […]

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… just a box…

On this rainy day in Virginia, I thought I’d take a moment to share what Jim and I did this past weekend. Ever hear of Operation Christmas Child?  It brings joy and love to millions of children in need every year through a simple shoebox packed with toys and candy.  Our church has taken part […]

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“I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya!”

Well, I can finally say, the Christmas season is officially upon us. Yes, I know that the shopping season started on Friday, and that the stores have had Christmas out for a month already, but… it’s finally here… We’re watching “A Christmas Story” for the first time, and THAT means that it’s really Christmas.  Well, […]

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The brave stitcher…

I just found mention in a blog of an amazing work-in-progress, stitching our Garden Traditions – Albemarle, and had to share.  Annemiek is a shop owner in the Netherlands, and she’d told me back in February that she was going to stitch this design.  What’s amazing about it, is that she’s going to stitch it […]

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