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…just a box…

On this rainy day in Virginia, I thought I’d take a moment to share what Jim and I did this past weekend. Ever hear of Operation Christmas Child? It brings joy and love to millions of children in need every year through a simple shoebox packed with toys and candy. Our church has taken part […]

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“I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya!”

Well, I can finally say, the Christmas season is officially upon us. Yes, I know that the shopping season started on Friday, and that the stores have had Christmas out for a month already, but… it’s finally here… We’re watching “A Christmas Story” for the first time, and THAT means that it’s really Christmas. Well, […]

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Puppy Temptations

Have you heard about the “puppy cam” from San Francisco? I have to say, this live stream is keeping me from my work, housework, designing, everything… It’s become a sad-sad addiction. I always did want to video tape Jack and Maggy when they were alone – but we just never did it. Those two kids […]

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Life Taking Over

Well, well, well… it’s been another quiet break for you all from my blogging, but I’m back! As seems to occur in my life, “life happened”, and I just wasn’t able to get everything done, including with keeping you up-to-date with all that was going on. Stitchin’spiration, as I’ve said many times, is really a […]

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Vacation Catch-up

Well, as you probably guessed, we did get back in one piece from vacation. Well, at least most of my body did… Last day we were in Memphis, I decided it had been too long since I turned my ankle, so I stepped off the curb, and proceeded to twist the heck out of my […]

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Elvis dreams

Well, hello from the Blues City – Memphis, TN! Sitting here high above the downtown trolley lines, resting my feet after a long day, and enjoying a nice bowl of ice cream. MMMMMM, nothing better. We came in town with friends for our church’s national yearly General Assembly. It just so happens that Jim and […]

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Why we’re here…

I did want to take a few minutes to share with you the important reason why we’re in Memphis. Yes, we’re going to have fun, but our main reason for being here is the meeting of our church’s General Assembly. Once a year Ruling and Teaching Elders from all over the country gather together to […]

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Just rambling…

Boy, it’s been that typical week before vacation… Work has had me jumping, and somehow I actually still have my brain after it was spent entirely on my customer. Of course, in the middle of this type of week, that’s when I get hit with the fierce creative juices, which then make me work like […]

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Oxford Botanic Garden, Oxford

Gardening Blues

Boy, do I miss gardening this year!!! Don’t know why it all of a sudden decided to hit me, but I missing gardening. We’re in a rental house, so are not at a place that we want to “make our mark” in the garden. Now, we’ve been here 5 years, and this is the first […]

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